“I don’t think sustainability is a design aesthetic, any more than having electricity in your building, or telephones, or anything else. It’s an ethic, a basic consideration that we have to have… in 10 years we’re not going to talk about sustainability anymore, because it’s going to be built into the core processes of architecture.”
Robert Stern, Dean of the Yale School of Architecture

The past several decades have given rise to an increased interest in the implementation of sustainable technologies, beginning with distributed power generation and now integrating greywater or blackwater reuse, into architectural design. Adoption of wastewater reuse technologies have become a sign of modern ‘design excellence’ – accelerating LEED certification, creating a more contented occupancy, and leading to a more localized, resilient infrastructure in a time of decreased public spending.

The waterPOD by aquaTECTURE team works with architects at all stages of design – from implementation of greywater reuse for greenfield developments to the retrofit of blackwater reuse systems into existing commercial and mixed-used developments. The waterPOD team provides architects with a best-in-class, proprietary, distributed reuse technology that integrates with an architect’s preferred aesthetic and functionality. With waterPOD, sustainable wastewater reuse becomes beautiful.

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